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Porcurpine Quills

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The jewelry shown above was made using the quills of African crested porcupines. These quills are similar in structure to the quills of a birds feather. They are very light-weight, but also sturdy. The stark contrast of the black and white stripes allows for people with a little creativity to yeild impressive results in their jewelry designs.

At Hatch Farms we have African Crested Porcupine. They are larger than North American Porcupine and their quills are much longer. Another key difference between the quills of the African and North American Porcupines in the fact that the quills of the North American variety have barbed ends on them. This is so that when a predator attacks, the defensive quills will stick in the attacker. These quills do not usually become deeply lodged, but are painful. They are flexible and difficult to remove.

African quills have very sharp points. The point is very strong as well, allowing for these rigid quills to become deeply lodged into an attacker.

Neither types of porcupine has the ability to shoot their quills. This is a myth perpetuated by cartoons. The fact is that the quills become lodged into objects, animals or people who come into contact with a porcupine. Once the quill is stuck, it falls of the animal. The recipient of the quill is then left to figure out how to remove it. Most creature who have had a run-in with a porcupine learn their lesson and maintain a safe distance in future encounters.